Dear AIVRS grantees,

We at DataOps have exciting news to share. DataOps has established a new partnership with Bocotek, a technology company in New Mexico. Bocotek has nearly twenty years providing remote IT services and digital marketing services to governmental, commercial and tribal customers. The partnering between DataOps and Bocotek, provides our TVR community assistance with IT and networking solutions, development and management of websites and creation and management of social media marketing.

John Bears, one of Bocotek’s owners, will become the primary point of contact for our TVR customers. John grew up in Alaska around the Tlingit tribe and is sensitive to tribal culture.

Everything that Catherine and George have offered our TVR customers in service will now be done by John and his staff of ten. For instance, George will have three other technicians that will be available to respond to your calls, thereby, increasing the availability in the provision of technical support. In addition, there will be an increase in training and options, either in Albuquerque, NM or onsite in your Tribal community.

All TVR support and training contacts will be honored through their term. As the contracts come up for renewal, you will receive invoicing from Bocotek. Over the next two months, DataOps will be bringing Bocotek staff up to speed. I have the highest confidence in the Bocotek teams’ technical capabilities and customer service.

Catherine and George can now focus on pure consulting and programming activities. After a sabbatical, George will continue TVR programming and providing assistance to the Bocotek support team and Catherine will support John with knowledge of the AIVRS community, the U.S. Department of Education grant, CANAR partners and most of all the DataOps’ family.

Thank you for your business.

Catherine, George and John